Quadboy 1960 is the blog page of Jeff Kushner. The Quad reference should become obvious as you browse the site. I’ll leave the 1960 to your imagination!! After many years of contemplating sharing my opinions with the world I have finally decided to unburden myself.

A refugee of 20 years on the dark side (Finance), I have recently graduated from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

I will use this blog to muse about all sorts of things. My love for food in its many forms, my favorite band, The Who, and my self abuse in the form of rooting for those great teams of the 1980’s the New York Mets, Jets, and Islanders. Lastly, I will attempt to throw as many rocks as possible at the many institutions (particularly American ones) that do a disservice to our citizens, our society, and our world.

I am a husband as well as the father of two amazing girls for whom I hope to leave the world a better place.


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