Time Flies… But Should I?

So once again I find myself at an airport bar awaiting another long (but not long enough to sleep) overnight flight. Was a time not long ago that I was a regular on this circuit be it NY-London, London-Mid East, or Anywhere- Asia.

I had a job with lots of travel and lord knows, I like being efficient. Why waste a day traveling when you can try to time your food, alcohol, and general fatigue all in the name of maxing out your four hours sleep?

While there were many negatives to lots of travel, I would be dishonest if I said that there weren’t elements that I actually enjoyed. I got to see the world, I got to travel “upfront” and stay in great hotels, and traveling for business is completely mindless. You are focused on your task and all you need to to is look for the sign that says “Mr. Kushner”, to get safely to the next meeting, or flight, or hotel.

I also loved traveling for pleasure. With my family it is always a fun shared experience. We get to bond with no distractions. We have seen so much together. I know that these holidays are the things that my children will remember for all of their lives.

I am also fortunate to have a spouse who is ok with me taking my occasional boondoggle on my own. Almost exactly one year ago, I sat in the same airport bar blogging. My destination was the same that night as it is tonight. Just read my post about the end of the Economic Crisis, and you will know how that turned out!

Tonight, I’m off again to see friends and my favorite band play their farewell tour in their hometown. I am excited, but on the other hand………..

I am much more reticent than I’ve been about a trip in, well I can’t remember when I’ve been this reticent.

I don’t know if its just that I’m getting older and god forbid becoming a bit of a homebody? I’m gone for an hour and I miss my girls.

Maybe I’m worried that I’ve lost my connectivity to my former home and stomping ground. Its been almost three years and even the best connections atrophy when not watered regularly. I mean how many times can we talk about what we did in 2008?

Or maybe, I have just moved on and am involved enough in the present that the past is just something that I remember fondly and revisit a but less frequently.

Maybe I should answer that on Thursday………..


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