DPI -659 The Final Project…….

When I was an active partner at a Hedge Fund, I became aware of an organization by the name of Third Way. This was through my Senior Partner who is a Director at the organization.

Third Way considers itself a centrist think tank that proposes an alternative to the partisan politics that dominate America. In actuality, Third Way is a slightly left of center, Democratic leaning organization. The group is dominated by individuals with experience in the private sector, particularly in finance.

At present the group focuses most of its energy on legislators, typically discussing progressive ideas in language that will make these views interesting and acceptable to more centrist or conservative legislators and vice versa.

My strategy memo will propose and define steps to make Third Way more of a grassroots organization.

I will discuss goals, such as voter registration, petition campaigns, raising money to support issues.

I will discuss methods of how to break out of the filter bubble, how to maximize weak ties, and how to get people from clicking on a link to action and what that action may be.

Comparative analysis of similar efforts including Move On, Organize for America, and Center for American Politics will be included.

I hope to show that Third Way can be a significant voice for what I hope is the great, silent  majority(apologies to Richard Nixon!).






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