Rant 2.0

The other day, I did a bit of rambling about a certain class that has been frustrating me all semester. Interestingly, It was my best read blog so far….. by  factor of 10x. So maybe I struck a nerve, and maybe I didn’t.

In reality, I think it was a bit of both. A number of you responded (thanks for that!) and the feedback was clearly mixed. For the record here’s what I got.

Everyone thought that Problem Set 2 was way too long and more importantly, the process around gathering the data was just plain awful. Lots of bugs, lots of crashing of the site, etc.

Not everyone shared my view that the Problem Sets did not engender learning. A number of you thought that while the work load was challenging, that the exercise was key to your learning of the concepts. A number of you, mainly those with economic/finance backgrounds felt similarly to me.

Everyone believes that the class material is interesting and additive to their knowledge base. Not surprisingly, our classmates from developing nations see the most value.

Moral of the story… In a large room of 100+ people, don’t assume that you speak for the group. You likely speak for some of them but not all.


2 thoughts on “Rant 2.0

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